infoTouch MeatOS

The premiere Slaughter to Sale Operating System for independent processors and butcher shops.

Far more than a POS, we’ve built a system that integrates every step of the slaughter to sale process. Our system provides real-time information successful butchers use to grow their businesses at their fingertips. MeatOS was designed and built in slaughter facilities and butcher shops across the country, which gives us insights few could match. Check out these capabilities built for slaughterhouses and butcher shops (see chart for various MeatOS features):

Base Production


Reg Butcher

Streamline Operations

Recipes Tracking

  • Recipe management for frequently processed products stores with ingredients tracked to inventory

  • Recipe work order management

  • Lot tracking of meat and all component ingredients

  • Recall tracing

  • Ingredient notification


  • State/Federal Inspection Notifications

POS Operations

  • Retail register POS operations

  • Customer information management

  • Inventory tracked and automated replenishment (components and retail products)

  • Accounting system interfaces to GL

  • Reporting


  • Appointment scheduling and management for livestock slaughter and wild game

Tagging and Work Orders

  • Carcass tagging and tag status change updating

  • Meat processing work order (cut sheet) creation

  • Meat processing work order (cut sheet) series status tracking

  • Processing reports

Order Completion Tracking

  • Customer text and/or email notification of order completion

  • Meat processing work order (cut sheet) retrieval for payment

  • Meat processing work order (cut sheet) retrieval for in-process adjustments for meat cuts, grinds, and sausage

  • Packaging instructions and tracking

Lot Association

  • Lot association for sausage


  • Tablets and moisture-resistant workstations with washable peripherals move through your facility to where work happens

  • Desktop units pair with printers, scanners, and scales for fast and reliable checkouts

Easy for butchers, cashiers and management

Intuitive screens/keys

  • Predefined functions (discounts, etc.)

  • Conditional fields (state-specific functions)

  • Foreign currencies

  • Closeout reminders

  • Advanced login controls

EMV compliant

  • Yes, since 2015

  • Securely and seamlessly receives payments through EMV-enabled cards


Preferred Payment Processing with Added Safeguards

  • infoTouch certified preferred payment partners

  • Creates enhanced reporting and accountability from sale through reconciliation

  • Offers enhanced security and theft abatement

  • One call to us to get any issue into resolution


Non-Preferred Payment Processing

  • Through non-infoTouch certified Merchant Service provides

  • Allows continuity with existing provider


Reporting efficiency

  • Real-time decision support information

  • Automatic reports to meet regulatory/tax requirements

Digital reporting

  • PDF reports securely distributed via email

Employee Management

  • Time clock

  • Multiple rate categories (per employee)

  • Contests, bonuses supported


System always on and available

  • Operates faster and more reliably than web-based systems

  • Internet independent: system retains full function whether or not internet is available

  • Local operating system and database

Loyalty/CRM Marketing Communications

  • Hierarchy identities

  • Special pricing/contracts

  • Categorial filters (multi-level)

  • Wholesale customer-enabled

  • Birthday/key date tracking

  • Customized function definition

  • Mailing/email list generation


Support Whenever, However you Need it

  • Flexible support matched to your needs

  • Business hours, nights/weekends, 24x7x365 plans available

  • Affordable, stable, monthly fees or hourly as needed

Grow your Business with Easy System Expansions


  • each standalone system is identical, allowing familiarity between all locations

  • new departments, products and stores simply and quickly added


  • infoTouch hardware optimized to software or other commonly available Windows hardware meeting system requirements

  • tablets are durable with onboard scanners, Wi-Fi connected and perfectly aligned with software

  • scales, scanners, printers and cash drawers all run within the system software

Integrations & APIs for Primary Systems

  • Accounting systems tie directly into MeatOS Base Production

  • most other ancillary software may also be integrated for full vision of entire operation

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During the 2022 holidays, we will be observing the following closing schedules (weekend and holiday rules and rates apply):

November 23 at noon through Sunday, November 27

December 22 at noon through Monday, December 26

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We wish you all a happy and prosperous holiday season.