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Scheduler and Appointment Book

Scheduler and appointment book is a key function of the software that allows you to better manage your busy schedule and keep track of your customers. In just a few minutes, you'll discover how to ​easily create appointments, look up appointments, change appointments, and track cancellations and no-shows. ​This saves a tremendous amount of time and hassle while also integrating with customer information when animals arrive for processing.

Cut Sheet and Series Tracking

Find out all about cut sheets and series tracking ​using MeatOS. Our proprietary cut sheet system allows you to enter the cutsheet directly into the system, eliminating the need for paper records. This also allows you to access the history later on. Within series tracking, you have the ability to look up the customer order and ​the system will automatically communicate the progress to the customer.

Butcher, Notification, and Payment

See how easy it is to ​pull up a customer's cut sheet and adjust the quantities within MeatOS. Within the packaging area of the software, you will also understand how to pull up the cut sheet and see the instructions for the cutting order. In addition to these items, we will show you how ​the system ​automatically notifies your customer once their order is complete. Finally, you will see how ​MeatOS accepts a variety of payments from your customer, once they are ready to pay for the completed order.

Production and Recall

MeatOS has powerful production and recall features that simply and accurately help you manage the process. ​See how the production module stores recipes, indicates and updates inventory, and much more. Recall ​also tracks all products made, as well as empowering customer notifications if needed.

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