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Major features and starting costs. It’s what every owner wants to know and we’re glad to lay them out for you.
infoTouch is more than a common point of sale system:




A standalone solution for stores seeking growth through enhanced visibility and efficiencies with a full-featured POS and Operating System.

A standalone or cloud-enhanced solution for stores wanting integrated accounting and enhanced reporting in a POS and Operating System to help save time, increase sales and drive profits higher, faster.

A multi-store, cloud-based network for operations desiring global control systems and administration from a centralized location along with reporting to mobile or desktop.

Save your Time

Quickly Balance and Reconcile Accounts

  • fast, accurate close-outs

  • bank statement reconciliation

  • credit card statement reconciliation

  • GL reconciliation (Pro and Enterprise)

  • discount reports

Reduce Inventory Management Time

  • use standard reports to track and monitor inventory

  • automated ordering for inventory replenishment
    (Pro and Enterprise)

  • simplify and reduce manual cycle counting

  • stored vendor profiles and ordering protocols

  • vendor reporting

Automated Tobacco Scan Data Rebates

  • creates submission file

  • all necessary sales data included

  • fully automated–no manual input needed

  • formats for submissions to RJR, PM and Altria

Driver’s License Verification

  • scan license to verify DOB and age

  • print age verification on receipt

  • can capture customer information for CRM database if desired

Automatically monitor sales progress

  • daily/weekly/monthly sales reporting

  • real-time decision support information

  • automatic reports to meet regulatory/tax requirements

  • gain insight into over who is selling with standard employee reporting

View Reports Wherever You Are

  • all standard reports available on demand online

  • fixed mobile and tablet device reports deliver information where and when it’s needed

Dynamic Report Generation

  • ideal for multi-unit operations

  • rolls up area, region, global or subsets across most metrics

  • all reports available via cloud to any user with credentialed login

Increase your Sales and Profits

Grow Sales

  • get out from behind the counter with tablet inventory checks and checkout

  • suggested sale items

  • substitute items

  • dynamically create or break down bundles and baskets

Outstanding Customer Experience

  • tablet mobility gets staff out in the store with customers

  • line busting potential

  • item status lookup

  • item finder

  • item photo

  • promotional video ads on customer display

  • customer photo
    (Pro and Enterprise)

Automatic Tobacco Scan Data Rebates

  • collects all transactions qualifying for scan data rebates

  • never miss a report filing

  • formats for submissions to RJR, PM and Altria

Loyalty/CRM Marketing Communications

  • hierarchy identities

  • special pricing/contracts

  • categorical filters (multi-level)

  • wholesale customer-enabled

  • birthdate/key date tracking

  • photo (recognition, verification)

  • customized function definition

  • mailing list generation

  • layaway support

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

  • increase inventory turns

  • automated movement reports; avoids overstock or out of stock
    (Pro and Enterprise)

  • automated replenishment & PO preparation
    (Pro and Enterprise)

  • automated margins by product/vendor

  • tablet with exclusive eClip module speeds physical inventory (Pro and Enterprise)

  • identifies profitability by department, row, shelf

  • multiple unit (example: case/set/single)

  • conceal/do not sell status

  • dynamic pricing (adjustments, transform, matrix modify)

  • vendor management

Ordering Simplified

  • automated ordering for inventory replenishment
    (Pro and Enterprise)

  • stored vendor profiles and ordering protocols

EMV Compliant CC Chip Reading

  • yes, since 2015

  • securely and seamlessly receives payments through EMV-enabled cards

Preferred Payment Processing with Added Safeguards

  • infoTouch certified preferred payment partners

  • creates enhanced reporting and accountability from sale through reconciliation

  • offers enhanced security and theft abatement

  • one call to us to get any issue into resolution

Non-Preferred Payment Processing

  • through non-infoTouch certified Merchant Services providers

  • allows continuity with existing provider, integrated with RetailOS Pro

Employee Management

  • time clock
    (Pro and Enterprise)

  • commission calculations

  • multiple rate categories (per employee)

  • contest, bonuses supported

System always on and available

  • operates faster and more reliably than web-based systems

  • internet independent: system retains full function whether or not internet is available

  • local operating system and database

Support Whenever, However you Need it

  • flexible support matched to your needs

  • business hours, nights/weekends, 24x7x365 plans available

  • affordable, stable monthly fees or hourly as needed

Grow your Business with Easy System Expansions


  • each standalone system is identical, allowing familiarity between all locations

  • new departments, products and stores simply and quickly added

  • SmokeOS Enterprise weaves all locations together from the Cloud, providing reporting, visibility into and control of all, some or any single location


  • infoTouch hardware optimized to software or other commonly available Windows hardware meeting system requirements

  • tablets are durable with onboard scanners, wi-fi connected and perfectly aligned with software

  • scales, scanners, printers and cash drawers all run within the system software

Integrations & APIs for Primary Systems

  • accounting systems tie in directly to SmokeOS Pro

  • most other ancillary software may also be integrated for full vision of entire operation

eCommerce enabled

  • omnichannel web interface
    (scheduled 2Q 2020)

Remote System Management

  • local or remote management controls of the stores through register, button, sales

  • material controls as defined by management for each user in the network.

  • Able to push changes remotely to any or all nodes

Advanced system, affordable for independent smoke and vape shop owners


  • license fees are one-time

  • windows-based hardware and peripherals optimized to infoTouch software

  • supplemental support and maintenance fees vary

  • support agreements available

SmokeOS Standard
starting at:

  • $1,749 for register one license, consultation, setup & training (or $38/mo*)

  • $799 each additional register license (or $17/mo*)

  • $1819 for hardware (terminal, scanner, printer, drawer) per register (or $40/mo*)

  • $300 annual license renewal (covers all licenses per location)

SmokeOS Pro
starting at:

  • $3,099 for register one license, consultation, setup & training (or $68/mo*) 

  • $1299 each additional register license (or $28/mo*)

  • $1819 for hardware (terminal, scanner, printer, drawer) per register (or $40/mo*)

  • $500 annual license renewal (covers all licenses per location)

SmokeOS Enterprise
starting at:

  • $999 for license (or $22/mo* per location)

  • $2,250 multistore setup (or $49/mo* per enterprise)

  • $3,149 for warehouse license, consultation, setup & training (if applicable; or $69/mo*)

  • $500 annual license renewal (covers all licenses per location)

  • Cloud access and mobile reporting fees additional—will quote based on actual needs

Product descriptions, features and prices are subject to change.

*Lessees qualifying for 60-month financing with $1 buyout

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