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A pioneer of modern POS software, thriving today in the evolved world of integrated operating systems, SCM, CRM, ERP and PCI.

Who we are

InfoTouch Corporation, in San Antonio, Texas, has lead the industry in developing comprehensive point-of-sale technology for specialty retailers, and service industry businesses since its inception in 1986. InfoTouch develops all of its software applications which include hundreds of vertical solutions for retail specialties merchants and service industry professionals. Products are sold nationwide directly and through a channel of highly qualified third-party distributors. 

It is our belief and experience that the success of automated POS solutions is based on the resolution of business issues utilizing sales history, customer history, customer patterns and a robust management POS software package uniquely applied and offered to each end-user. InfoTouch has extensive experience in the automation of retail transaction functions for single store solutions and chain store enterprise management architecture.

The keys to our success

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Leading Provider of POS Solutions

InfoTouch is solidly positioned as a leading provider of touch screen POS solutions for the retail and service industries. Corporate management and infrastructure are well established for required expansions as dictated by the rapid growth the company has been experiencing caused by the increased demands of retailers seeking robust, stable and scalable business solutions for their industry.

continuously engaged

InfoTouch is continuously engaged in research and development efforts intended to provide all our retail and service customers with the latest and most powerful technologies. For example, InfoTouch was chosen by a large Copier, Business Services company to create a seamless solution for its 1100+ stores. Our applications products are distinguished by tight integration and high productivity; the ability to reduce complex functions to simple push-button tasks; support of central site management for chain retailers; and the ability to interface data held in external data management systems. Within the retail and service industries, InfoTouch POS software and InfoTouch Version 3.0 cloud centric Enterprise Manager provide any business with unsurpassed strength and management for any business.
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customer needs focused

InfoTouch Inc. has been an aggressive development company, focused on the needs of retailer and service industry professionals since 1986. During this time period, the retail industry has changed rapidly causing some POS companies to lose their focus, if not exit entirely from the market. Because InfoTouch has remained willing to listen to retailer and service industry professionals wants and needs; build relationships with distribution and development partners; and maintain its dedication to developing quality products throughout our specific market area, InfoTouch is securely positioned to continue as the leading supplier of standalone POS solutions for single store business while still servicing larger chains with Enterprise Management Solutions.

100% referenceable customers

National Integration

Touch Ready POS

Our sister company offers full service consultation, system integration, implementation and support throughout the United States and Canada.

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During the 2022 holidays, we will be observing the following closing schedules (weekend and holiday rules and rates apply):

November 23 at noon through Sunday, November 27

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We wish you all a happy and prosperous holiday season.