Hardware expertly designed and crafted to meet the evolving needs of demanding retailers.

infoTouch partnered with global-leading hardware manufacturers to bring technology tuned to our retail operating systems and POS.

All-in-One touch screen
terminals and displays


With a sleek yet robust design, the EVO TP6 is the perfect enterprise-grade POS solution. The EVO TP6 features a 15" TruFlat projected capacitive touchscreen, a range of Intel CPUs, cable free accessories and a versatile dual hinge design.


Thin, bright and dynamic, this 8” display is a perfect solution for customer engagement at the point of sale.


ION Tablet

An 8" HD screen with projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch technology and ABS housing built to take the rigors of heavy everyday use, even in tough environments.

ION Tablet dock

Charge tablet and add expansion ports with this easy to use dock.


ION Thermal 2 Receipt Printer

The ION Thermal 2 is a cost-effective, high performance receipt printer. Featuring an innovative top feeding, front loading paper design, the ION Thermal 2 provides the performance you demand with a sleek, innovative look.

K3 Receipt Printer

The K3 is ideal for printing receipts, coupons, kitchen orders, invoices or tickets. It is elegantly designed and conceived to suit any and all environments: be it high-end retail, fine dining, or warehouse.

EVO Impact Receipt Printer

This is built to last. Perfect for extreme environments such as kitchens, the EVO Impact delivers the steadfast performance expected from a best-of breed impact printer.


ION 2D Bluetooth

Features the latest Bluetooth technology and a 2D scan engine for all your data collection and ID verification needs. An aggressive 2D scan engine supports all common 2D barcodes and scanning off mobile device screens. A simple plug and playbase makes setup a breeze, right out of the box.


Delivers fast, highly accurate scans of traditional 1D barcodes as well as the increasingly popular 2D codes. It can also scan digital displays including mobile devices, making it great for reading mobile coupons. Rapid, accurate scanning combined with an ergonomic design make the EVO 2D perfect for reading shipping details, recording inventory, or scanning identification cards.

ION Linear 2

This no-nonsense 1D barcode scanner offers outstanding durability, speed and scan distance. Plug and play right out of the box, the ION Linear 2 is ideal for light to medium duty applications. The optional stand enables hands-free scanning, freeing up space while adding functionality to your business.

ION Wireless

Equipped with wireless technology that has lower interference rates and uses less energy than other wireless technologies; therefore, the barcode scanner has a longer battery life between charges. Incorporates a convenient USB dongle for a clean wireless connection and a sleek, shatter-resistant ergonomic housing.

Cash Drawers

ION Cash Drawer

Offers smooth operation, a strong locking mechanism, and fully adjustable till.


EVO-MR6 Magnetic Strip Reader

The universal choice for reading magnetically encoded cards. Featuring an integrated gold contact USB interface, the EVO-MR6 is ready to go out of the box. Smooth bi-directional operation ensures a high success rate with every swipe.

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