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MeatOS saves time, eliminates errors and grows profits with a modern operating system built for artisanal production and sales.
Brings butchering into the 21st century.
Automates the process from slaughter to sale with simple, easy to use hardware and software.
Slaughter, custom, wild game processing.
From production to retail, a system built to to fit all butchering needs.

From Slaughter to Sale, MeatOS Grows Profits at Every Stage

We’ll answer your tough questions.

How does MeatOS deliver efficiency at every step?

InfoTouch MeatOS eliminates the need for manual data entry using paper and pens. Our software greatly reduces time spent transcribing data by offering heavy duty, water and dust resistant tablets at each major station in your facility.

Capture weight at the point of weighing electronically, no pen and paper. Import customer cutting orders directly into the system. Create invoices directly from our software with seamless integration to QuickBooks or your current accounting system. Modify previous customer orders straight from your computer.

The electronic system identifies and moves product with a scan or touch of a screen. No paperwork to manage or fill out, saving time.

Customers paying with cash, credit, debit or gift card all managed through a single system, simplifying training, eliminating the need for freestanding payment connections, reducing errors, and even more secure with our integrated payment gateway.

Eliminate errors and reduce counter clutter. This adds efficiency and simplicity for every cashier and accelerates training.

Whether it’s reporting for work or changing the till, the automated system wastes no time and gives you the control you need.

How will MeatOS increase revenue and profits?

MeatOS decreases time spent on slaughter by eliminating the amount of paperwork attached to each head slaughtered. This means more heads slaughtered per week.

By digitizing the process, data is handled by fewer people and weights are entered directly into the system. Reducing mistakes increases profits.

Do you know how much each item you sell costs? With MeatOS, costs are imported into the system and tracked. This allows extremely accurate cost tracking, which enables you to more accurately price your products, and better understand where peak revenues are coming from.

Your operating system and databases are all local. That means constant connection with inventory, customer data and all other critical functions. Although card payments may be interrupted, commerce can continue.

infoTouch is the hub that pulls answers from where you need it: sales, inventory, orders, customer data all reported in one system so you can make informed, accurate money-saving decisions.

How does the system work in our environment?

MeatOS was not built in an office – it was built and developed on the floor of butcher shops and slaughterhouses throughout the United States.

All hardware is tough tested, water refrigerator and dust proof. From scales, to tablets, printers and scanners, all hardware is built to stand up to the tough environments you work in.

Since the entire system is digital, do away with clipboards, paper and pens. Touches on the screen enter information and save it safely within the system.

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Available Q1 2021

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