Turn up the heat with us.

FirearmOS offers automated reporting and inventory management with effortless POS to fuel growth.

Automation of bound book statutory reporting
Serialized inventory accurately recorded and tracked
Repairs and work orders efficiently processed
Cloud-based multi store administration and reporting in real-time
Improve sales & profits

We’ll answer your tough questions.

How do you help us build sales and profits?

With three decades of experience developing systems to run firearms stores in most states, we’ve seen it all. And what we’ve learned working with firearm retailers allowed us to customize software to the industry and created a depth of knowledge unmatched in the industry. So you benefit from it with our system and the thoughtful consultation we provide.

Every gun shop or firearms retail store must comply with the ATF industry standards. FirearmOS has full bound book integration at the Point of Sale. This allows tracking of every gun, rifle, or firearm by its serialized inventory tracking number and produces the ATF formatted reporting.

infoTouch is the hub that pulls answers from where you need it: sales, inventory, orders, customer data all reported in one system so you can make informed, accurate money-saving decisions.

Your operating system and databases are all local. That means constant connection with inventory, customer data and all other critical functions. Although card payments may be interrupted, commerce can continue.

Track drawdown and lead times to fine tune order prompts or establish automated replenishment and PO writing so you avoid being out of stock.

You’ll know your customer not only by name (and a photo if you like), but also purchasing patterns and frequency to build loyalty and return visits.

What happens when we add stores or departments?

Additions and upgrades are quick and streamlined to the next level, so the same system you start with supports growth regardless of how large you grow.
As you expand, features are simply activated to enable your growing needs—online ordering, additional locations, new suppliers, added departments, integrations to peripheral systems—through enterprise-wide reporting and push-enabled control of each location.

Because of the unique design of our system, you are able to decide which version works best for you at the time and which features you need turned on—and we only charge you for what you decide you need and use.

The system scales as fast as you need it. If customer demands require added cashiers or a back room location or if you’re ready to open a new location entirely, your original system grows with you.

Any organizational additions or modifications, up to and including an entire concept change, are accommodated by your infoTouch solution.

Our job is not to sell you, but to support your growth with exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. And if we don’t have it, chances are we or our partners can customize a solution for you.

How do you keep it user friendly & secure?

At the register, we know that simplicity means speed when you need it for impatient customers and the clean touch screen with intuitive layout (designed to your exact needs) makes it happen every time.

We work with your team to set up the screen flow tailored to your stores and offer best practices if there could be further improvements. This streamlines the training process, helps eliminate errors and builds confidence at the register so they can help customers get what they need, add more sales and keep them coming back. And if staff transfers between stores, the setups are identical and make ramp up instant.

Customers paying with cash, credit, debit or gift card all managed through a single system, simplifying training, eliminating the need for freestanding payment connections, reducing errors, and even more secure with our integrated payment gateway.

Whether it’s reporting for work or changing the till, the automated system wastes no time and gives you the control you need.

Security in our systems is second to none. Eight standard levels of security access are in each FirearmOS module. This allows you to provide or deny access for each individual employee. Granting exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common.

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See how affordably we deliver specialized solutions developed through understanding the unique needs of firearms retailers across the nation.

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