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RetailOS integrates effortless POS with automated inventory and advanced management tools to fuel growth.

Reclaim your time (and your life)​
Improve sales & profits​
Grow standalone or multiple stores with confidence​
Your affordable, cloud-based retail operating system​

your time is valuable.

That’s why for 30 years we have developed systems to make it easier and more profitable for owners to run their retail stores. To see how our experience has resulted in a system that gives you the time and profits you need, please watch this one-minute video.

From standalone to multi store enterprise, your time and profits grow with our expertise.

You’ll find RetailOS by infoTouch in these and many more retail categories today:
Butcher Shop
Concession Stand
Convenience Store
Copy Store
Fabric Store
Farmer’s Market
Feed Store
Garden Center/Nursery
Gift Store
Golf Pro Shop, Grill, Bar
Grocery Store
Jewelry Store
Nutrition Shop
Parks & Wildlife, Zoos
Party Store
Pet Store
Shoe Store
Smoke Shop/Vape Shop
Spirit, Liquor, Beer, Wine

We’ll answer your tough questions.

How will RetailOS save me time?

How much time do you spend closing out registers, balancing and reconciling your accounts every week? 2? 4? Even 8? With infoTouch Retail OS, you can cut this time in half with automated monetary reports and account reconciliations. You know the challenge—making dates and periods match between separate statements takes huge amounts of time. Our system automates the process and does it with absolute accuracy.

Does it seem like you’re endlessly reviewing your inventory? We have a solution for that! When you operate using infoTouch RetailOS, every item is put into the system, automatically calculating your inventory and adjusting as items are sold. This means far less time spent manually cycle counting all of your items just to know what to order for the next day/week/month and so on. With RetailOS Pro, your system will automatically recommend replenishment orders based on sales velocity and even prepare the PO to order.

Tracking your overall sales and the sales of individual employees is an important part of running a retail organization, yet we find many owners do not have the time to do it properly. This is another way that our system not only saves your time but provides you insights into your business. Easily set up individual employees in the system and automatically track their sales performance. Now, you can measure, allowing you to manage more effectively.

Do you have multiple locations? Are you spending too much time traveling between them, instead of focusing on more important tasks? RetailOS Pro simultaneously maintains both cloud and local data at each location. Layered over them all, RetailOS Enterprise accesses all data via the cloud while synchronizing local data for performance and delivers it to you, wherever you may be, taking the hassle out of managing multiple locations. Simply use our cloud-based platform to access any of the hundreds of reports and features that we offer in store to help manage your business. With this powerful system, you may also remotely administer price changes, check inventory and perform other operationally critical actions at any or all locations without ever leaving your office.

We know these examples are just a few items that eat up your time. We have lots of other ways we can save you time and would like to know what you biggest time sinks are. Please fill out a form or give us a call and we will find out what is stealing your time, show you how infoTouch gives it back and send you a custom quote.

How will RetailOS help me increase sales and profits?

With three decades of experience developing retail POS and management systems for single stores to large, multi-store enterprises, we’ve seen it all. And what we’ve learned working with retailers in all industries has created a depth of knowledge unmatched in the industry, so your organization benefits from it with our system and the thoughtful consultation we provide.

Any item in your inventory may be queried, confirmed in stock and located from within the system (RetailOS Enterprise checks all stores). Suggested add-ons are also automatically displayed. If an item is out of stock—the system offers a suggested substitute.

You’ll know your customer not only by name (and a photo if you like), but also purchasing patterns and frequency to build loyalty and return visits. Further, the loyalty feature can provide store credit or loyalty points. RetailOS Enterprise shares this information across all your stores, leading to seamless customer experiences.

Integrated register activity, till count, payments and inventory, identifies when cash or product has gone unaccounted for, increasing accountability, troubleshooting where and when shrinkage is occurring. Broken or damaged products may be removed from inventory, accounted for and reported.

Integrated inventory and supply chain management reports where the shrinkage is occurring, eliminating reporting errors and adding checkpoints to see where problems are occurring.

Maximize profit margins: track the price of individual SKUs and how they are selling based on several conditions such as time of the year, discounts, and other factors. This will help the staff responsible for pricing items to be more accurate and ensure that product is sold for a fair price in a timely manner.

Easily schedule discounts for items based on SKU and date. Progressive discounting can be added, so that items receive increased discounts over time.

RetailOS allows retailers to sell gift cards, gift certificates, and in-store credits. This feature allows for full tracking and access to audit any voucher, or credit based on the individual customers.

Utilize the customer database in the POS software to send promotional emails. Emails can be targeted to individuals by group, association, demographic and or a purchase history.

Your operating system and databases are all local. That means constant connection with inventory, customer data and all other critical functions. Although card payments may be interrupted, commerce can continue.

How does RetailOS grow along with us?

Whether or not you’re able to grow immediately, our system is ready when you are. When your operation becomes more streamlined, and you gain more time in your business life, you may find you have more opportunities to expand the business.

We designed RetailOS to grow as operations grow. Whether you start with RetailOS Standard, RetailOS Pro, or RetailOS Enterprise, expansions are quick and streamlined. Essentially, the system you first install shapes itself to fit the business you become.

As you expand, features are simply activated to enable your growing needs—additional locations, new suppliers, added departments, integrations to peripheral systems—all the way up to enterprise-wide reporting and push-enabled control of each location.

Any organizational additions or modifications up to and including an entire concept change, are accommodated by your InfoTouch solution with easy modifications through the administrative dashboard.

The system scales as fast as you need it. If customer demands require additional cashiers, a back office, a dedicated warehouse or if you are ready to open a new location entirely, the RetailOS suite from infoTouch handles it with ease.

As you expand operations, features are activated to enable your growing needs – online ordering, additional locations, integrations into existing systems, all the way to enterprise level reporting and push enabled control for each location—and you pay for only what you need as your operations expand.

Our job is not to sell you, but to support your growth with exactly what you need when you need it. And if we do not have it, chances are we or our partners can customize a solution for you.

We’d love to talk. Just tell us when you’re ready.

Call or schedule a consultation.

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