Thrift thrives with us.

Thrift retail grows sales and profits by combining effortless Thrift POS with advanced pricing, inventory and donor relationship management.

Great customer experience with ease of use for employees and volunteers
Thrift retail inventory and pricing system using color rotation, progressive discounting, tags or any combination
Tracks donors and customers for promotional and loyalty programs
Cloud-based multi store administration and reporting in real-time
Configured to fit your unique needs

Increase Sales & Donations and Margin

Customer Experience

Donor Relations

Cashier Management

Our Thrift Store
POS Grows
Your Profits

Easy, Accurate Point of Sale

Checkout is Fast, Secure and Easy for customers, staff and volunteers

Color price rotation, scanned tags or a combination

Flexible, modern, customizable touchscreen

Maximize Inventory, Reduce Costs and Loss

Inventory Receiving

Inventory Management

Reduce Shrinkage & Loss

We’ll answer your tough questions.

How will ThriftOS help me increase sales and profits?

With three decades of experience developing thrift retail POS and management systems for single stores to large, multi-store enterprises, we’ve seen it all. And what we’ve learned working with thrift retailers of all kinds has created a depth of knowledge unmatched in the industry, so your organization benefits from it with our system and the thoughtful consultation we provide.

Tag and rotate items by dates for standardized rotation or progressive discount sale pricing. The tagging can be done before receiving inventory on the retail floor. The colors on the touch screens are matched to your tags, making it easy for checkout staff and volunteers to avoid guessing and charge accurate amounts.

Your merchandise donors are likely your thrift store’s principal source of inventory. A simple input at the point of donation provides an ongoing record of active donors, giving you the opportunity to conduct email, mail, or phone promotions, build a donor loyalty/reward program or other marketing campaigns to increase or upgrade inventories.

Our ThriftOS software, integrated payment processing and modern touchscreen hardware, including scan guns, credit card readers and cash drawers, delivers a “one call for all” solution. This means that whenever an issue arises from payment through reporting, a single call to us puts you on the pathway to the fastest resolution and eliminates multi-vendor passing the buck.

You’ll know your customer not only by name (and a photo if you like), but also purchasing patterns and frequency to build loyalty and return visits. Further, the loyalty feature can provide store credit or loyalty points.

Because ThriftOS integrates register activity, till count and payments with inventory, it can identify when in the process it was that cash or product has gone unaccounted for, providing enhanced accountability and helping troubleshoot where and when shrinkage is occurring.

With ThriftOS, the press of a button allows your cashiers to round up any sale to the nearest dollar amount. The system will automatically place all donations totals into a separate donation department. The donations are available to view at any time in a separate report by time, day, week, month or year.

Maximize profit margins: track who priced various items, and how quickly they sold. This will help the staff or volunteer responsible for pricing items to be more accurate, and ensure that product is sold for a fair price in a timely manner.

ThriftOS with processing through preferred partners allows you to build your own tenders such as gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, or vouchers. This feature also allows for full tracking and access to audit any voucher, customer credit, or store bucks that a customer may use.

Utilize the customer database in the POS software to send promotional emails. Emails can be targeted to individuals by group, association, demographic and or a purchase history.

Ability to track items by serial number as well as include photographs of that item. Ideal for jewelry, furniture, artwork.

Ability to generate receipts and create labels for tonnage purchases. This has been successfully implemented with our software at thrift businesses having more than 20 stores and 3 warehouses.

How do you make it easier for customers, employees, & volunteers?

The intuitive ThriftOS touch screen interface provides quick response time with sophisticated, configurable options that are easy to use, leading to an improved customer experience.    

We work with you to set up the screen flow tailored to your store and adding best practices if there could be further improvements. This streamlines the training process, helps eliminate errors and builds confidence at the register so employees and volunteers can help customers get what they need, add more sales and keep them coming back.

Whether it’s to check out or check inventory, our wireless devices let your staff get out with customers and save them time.

Create inventory screens with graphic images or create easily identifiable buttons for any user.

InfoTouch ThriftOS comes with 8 standard levels of security access. Each employee that is added has a profile that allows you to fully customize access and permissions for that individual granting access and exceptions to different users.

Whether it’s reporting for work or changing the till, the automated system wastes no time and gives you the control you need.

How does your system grow along with us?

At InfoTouch, we designed our thrift retail POS software to grow as your operations grow. Whether you start with ThriftOS Standard, ThriftOS Pro, or even ThriftOS Enterprise, upgrades are quick and streamlined. Essentially your system grows into the business you become.

As you expand, features are simply activated to enable your growing needs—additional locations, new suppliers, added departments, integrations to peripheral systems—all the way up to enterprise-wide reporting and push-enabled control of each location.

As you expand operations, features are activated to enable your growing needs – online ordering, additional locations, integrations into existing systems – all the way to enterprise level reporting and push enabled control for each location.

The system scales as fast as you need it. If customer demands require additional cashiers/volunteers or a back room location or if you are ready to open a new location entirely, Thrift OS from infoTouch grows with you.

Any organizational additions or modifications up to and including an entire concept change, are accommodated by your InfoTouch solution.

Our job is not to sell you, but to support your growth with exactly what you need when you need it. And if we do not have it, chances are we or our partners can customize a solution for you.

We’d love to talk. Just tell us when you’re ready.

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