Nurseries bloom with us.

Growth is everywhere with inventory priced right, production processed efficiently and tickets written with ease.

Tablets roam in the yard for easy inventory management
Make item or bulk sales with equal accuracy
Production and greenhouse tracked, priced and transferred
Integrated CRM for promotional and loyalty programs
Customer-friendly point of sale

We’ll answer your tough questions.

How will NurseryOS increase revenue and profitability?

With three decades of experience developing nursery POS and management systems for single stores to large, multi-store enterprises, we’ve seen it all. And what we’ve learned working with nurseries and garden centers has created a depth of knowledge unmatched in the industry, so your organization benefits from it with our system and the thoughtful consultation we provide.

Any item in your inventory may be queried, confirmed in stock and located from within the system. Suggested add-ons are also automatically displayed. If an item is out of stock—the system offers a suggested substitute.

Integrated register activity, till count, payments and inventory, identifies when cash or product has gone unaccounted for, increasing accountability, troubleshooting where and when shrinkage is occurring.

Dead, broken or damaged products may be removed from inventory, accounted for and reported.

Integrated inventory and supply chain management reports where the shrinkage is occurring, eliminating reporting errors and adding checkpoints to see where problems are occurring.

Sell, track, reorder and manage in the most appropriate units. You can seamlessly sell a single plant from a flat or sell the entire flat while still tracking that sale in inventory for easy reorder and reporting. This allows for accurate real time counts of your inventory on hand.

NurseryOS provides you the ability to generate quotes and bids for projects or landscaping jobs without depleting from standing inventory.

Your operating system and enterprise databases are both on the cloud and local. That means high performance, constant connection with inventory, customer data and all other critical functions within any location. Although network interruptions may delay card payments, commerce can continue during outages with cloud servers. This also means that when an app or platform software update to the system is needed, it is seamless and done through the cloud, requiring no manual process at the individual locations.

How does the system work in my environment?

NurseryOS was not built in an office – it was built and developed in nurseries and garden centers throughout the United States.

Use our tough tablets to write up customer tickets in the yard, then allow them to go to the register to check out. Or, bust the line and let them check out in the yard.

All hardware is tough tested, water, dirt and dust proof. Tablets, printers, scanners and scales, all built to stand up to the tough environments you work in.

Since the entire system is digital, do away with clipboards, paper and pens that can fail in humidity or rain. Touches on the screen enter information and save it safely within the system.

Because signs may be formatted to print from the inventory system, you may print weather-resistant stake signs directly from Nursery OS with the matching hardware.

How does this improve the customer experience?

Whether it’s to check out or check inventory, our wireless devices let your staff get out into the yard with customers and save them time.

Growing instructions can be printed with the receipt or can be emailed to any customer, landscaper, or wholesale account at checkout.

You’ll know your customer not only by name (and a photo if you like), but also purchasing patterns and frequency to build loyalty and return visits.

Optional hardware incorporates a forward facing screen. This allows customers to see how much each item costs, and any discounts that are being applied.

The loyalty feature can provide store credit or loyalty points. NurseryOS Enterprise shares this information across all your stores, leading to seamless customer experiences.

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